Hi, I'm Dan Chartrand, founder of VueSoft and creator of CritDice. VueSoft was formed in 2008 near St. Louis, Missouri. I've developed some productivity titles, such as VueMinder and PrintableCal - but in my spare time I like to play D&D and other board games with my friends.

I developed the first incarnation of CritDice back in 2012, mostly as a way for me to learn how to develop Android apps. I also needed a good dice roller, and I couldn't find one on Google Play. I shared the app with a few friends, but I didn't bother with putting it on Google Play because I was too busy with other projects.

In the summer of 2015, after using CritDice myself for several years, I decided it might be something other people would appreciate. CritDice is a bit of a departure from the other software I've developed, but I've enjoyed creating it and I hope you'll enjoy using it.