CritDice Version 1.0 Released

CritDice has been released and is now available to download on Google Play.

CritDice is a very polished app with a nice, flat, modern user interface. I kept it simple and intuitive, but also added thoughtful touches like the ability to re-roll dice from the history list, or convert those rolls into favorites.

I think one of the most entertaining features is the ability to define custom sounds for certain dice rolls. When you roll a 1, your device can groan or sigh. When you roll a 20, you can hear what your ax will sound like when it cleaves through that pesky goblin's skull. Rawr.

You can also download sound clips from your favorite movie and use those instead of the sound effects that come with CritDice. At my last gaming session (while testing a beta version of CritDice), I had Napoleon Dynamite saying "Yessss" when I rolled crits, and "Dang" when I missed. That was good for a lot of laughs, and I think it really sets CritDice apart from all the other dice apps out there.

CritDice is the first app I've published to Google Play. I'm not sure what to expect, but I think CritDice will do well if enough people discover it. That's where you come in. If you like CritDice, please tell your friends. Word of mouth is HUGE for indie developers and for new apps getting discovered on Google Play.

What's next? Well, I have some more ideas for improvements in CritDice, but I'd appreciate your feedback. Please leave a comment on what you think of CritDice. Love it? Hate it? If you have ideas on how to make CritDice better, or if there's something you really like in CritDice that I could expand on, I'm very open to feedback and suggestions.

Game on.

- Dan Chartrand