How to Roll Dice Using the Basic Dice Bag

Rolling dice in CritDice is quick and easy. The dice bag provides dice and number buttons, similar to a calculator. The current input will be shown at the top. To roll the current input, tap the ROLL button. The dice will be rolled and the results will be shown in a popup.

As you can see in the following examples, only a few taps are needed to roll any combination of dice, multipliers, and modifiers.

To roll this... Tap these buttons...
d20 d20, ROLL
d20+5 d20, 5, ROLL
d12-2 d12, -, 2, ROLL
8d6+7 8, d6, 7, ROLL
2d12+4d4+12 2, d12, 4, d4, 1, 2, ROLL

Roll Results

After dice are rolled, the results will be shown in a large popup. Depending on your settings and what is rolled, you may also hear a custom dice sound or the roll results announced. Tap anywhere to dismiss the roll results. If you accidentally dismiss the results, you can still see the results in the history list.

Other Ways to Roll Dice

Dice can also be rolled using previously saved favorites or previous rolls. To save the current input as a favorite, tap the heart button located to the right of the ROLL button. To re-roll a previous roll, tap the roll in the history list.

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