How to Save Favorite Rolls

If you frequently roll a particular input from the dice bag, it can be more convenient to save this roll as a favorite. Favorites can be given a name and category. They can also be modified or deleted. Favorites can be rolled with a single tap.

Adding a New Favorite

There are three ways a favorite roll can be defined:

  • If you've already input the dice on the dice bag, tap the heart button next to the ROLL button.
  • You can create new favorite by tapping the + button in the bottom-right corner of the favorites list.
  • If you'd like to convert a previous roll into a favorite, tap the menu button next to the previous roll in the history list and select the "Make favorite" option.

When creating a favorite, a screen will appear where the favorite's name, category, and dice roll can be entered. The new favorite will appear in the favorites list after tapping the Save button.

Rolling a Favorite

To roll a favorite, tap its name. A popup will appear showing the favorite's name, the final result, and the results of individual dice. Depending on the dice rolled and their results, you might also hear a custom dice sound. Tap anywhere to dismiss the popup. The results of the favorite's roll will also be shown at the top of the history list.

Modifying or Deleting an Existing Favorite

To modify or delete an existing favorite, tap the menu button to the right of the favorite's name, or long touch the favorite's name until a menu appears. Tap "Modify" or "Delete" from the menu. When deleting, a confirmation message will appear.