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Easier than Real Dice

Apps are supposed to make your life easier. Most other dice roller apps tend to miss this point. That's why CritDice was created. It's primary purpose is to make rolling any number of dice as quick and easy as possible. You can use CritDice for role playing games like D&D and many other games where dice are rolled.

The dice rolls in CritDice are completely random. Despite the name, CritDice probably won't help you get more critical hits. But it will feel like it - because you'll be using something awesome.

Dice Bag

Let's say you'd like to roll 8 six-sided dice and add 7 to the result. Using real dice, you'd need to roll the dice and mentally add up their results - after drinking a few beers with your friends. Friends that are now laughing at you because you're taking too long to add those 8 dice you just rolled.

With CritDice, the same example becomes easy, requiring only 4 taps - 8, d6, 7, and ROLL.

Dice Roll Results

After tapping the ROLL button, the results will be added up for you and displayed in a large popup. The details of the individual dice rolls will also be shown. Tap anywhere to dismiss the result.

Minimal Taps

The button input is streamlined for minimal taps. You can define any combination of dice and modifiers using the number and dice buttons. Here are just a few examples. The button taps are italicized.

  • 2d20+10: 2, d20, 1, 0
  • d12+3d6+8: d12, 3, d6, 8
  • 20d4: 2, 0, d4


Picking dice from the Dice Bag is quick and easy, but CritDice takes it a step further by enabling you to save dice as "favorites". Instead of requiring several taps, favorites can be rolled with a single tap. To save the current input from the Dice Bag as a favorite, tap the heart button to the right of the ROLL button. Favorites can also be added from the Favorites list by tapping the + button.

To roll a favorite, just tap its name. A popup will appear showing the result. The most recent result will also be shown for each favorite in the list.


Previous roll results can also be viewed in the History list. The most recent result will be at the top of the list. If a favorite was rolled, the name of the favorite will be indicated. You can even tap an item in the History list to re-roll.

Dice Sounds

CritDice isn't just faster at rolling than real dice, it's also more entertaining. You can pick different sounds based on dice roll results. For example, when you roll a critical hit on a d20, a sound effect can play to announce how awesome you are. CritDice includes dozens of sound effects to choose from. You can also download sound effects to your device and pick custom dice sounds.

For Tablets Too

CritDice is for tablets too. The dice bag, favorites, and history pages will be displayed side-by-side instead of on separate tabs, making it even easier for you to roll dice and view previous rolls.

Geek Chic

CritDice looks like no other dice app. It was styled based on Google's Material design guidelines. There are no gaudy 3D dice animations. You won't find any cases of skeuomorphism or amateur looking user interfaces. CritDice was designed by geeks, for geeks. We wanted something we could use ourselves when we game, and the other dice apps we tried made us cringe.

The stereotype of geeks having no design-sense is a thing of the past. Now, geeks are the trendsetters, the hipsters, and the cultural movers and shakers. So live up to your name, fellow geeks. Use CritDice. Show your friends. Spread the word. Real dice are a thing of the past. CritDice is here.

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